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First Stop’s prompt industrial electrical services incorporate safety and efficiency into your industrial operations.

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Our Industrial Services

First Stop extends reliable and responsive industrial services to ensure your equipment operates competently. We understand the significance of making quick and proficient repairs in an industrial setting, which is why we provide skilful workmanship and quality services quickly. In addition, our experienced teams of certified industrial technicians assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical components in industrial sectors.

Our teams also offer recommendations to provide proactive fixes for anticipated problems to keep your business running smoothly. Our pre-emptive approach enables you to avoid costly, long-term repairs in the future. 

We understand that even a minor hindrance in your operations can drastically impact revenue and planning. Therefore, our technicians take a strategic and planned-out approach to complete the service quickly and professionally. Our certified technicians perform an impeccable job to provide lasting results and avoid unplanned outages. Additionally, we take every measure to ensure that your establishment resumes work in no time at all.

Control panel installation

A well maintained industrial control panel could make all the difference in the seamless operation of your company. We’re experts in the installation and maintenance of analog and digital control panels and provide reliable solutions for all your needs.

Electric diagnostics and repairs

We use a combination of knowledge, experience and skills to search for a range of typical faults, then examine the issue with your electrical system. Once we pinpoint the source of the problem, we'll give you a detailed description of the work that needs to be done before restoring any components and resetting its system.


Power & lighting installation

Modern technology and electronics have contributed to an increase in the demand for electrical supplies. But an extreme overuse of appliances without proper power can have consequences and result in power outages. If you run a commercial company, the need for modern electronic equipment is likely to require you to work with a licensed electrical contractor.


Power Factor Corrections

Power Factor Correction is an increasingly important tool in the effort to help save on electricity bills. To help you get the maximum energy savings, First Stop Electrical can assist with the installation and maintenance of Power Factor Correction units.

Machine installation and factory fit-outs

Our commercial office fit outs service encompasses wiring in office setups with service for the whole setup that features setting up hardware, electrical outlets, switchboard, power cabling, installing networks, and conducting exit and light testing. No matter what your need is, we are here to help save you money with premium, customised options for your office.

electrical cabinet with fuseboard equipment  in large oil rafinery

Electric maintenance, servicing & compliance

We provide a broad array of workplace electrical and environmental compliance service, including portable appliance testing and maintenance of fixed electrical testing and inspection. Our team will be able to clarify the relevant regulations, manage risk, and help you meet legislative requirements.

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Machinery Moving

Are you in the process of moving your business, store, or manufacturing plant to a new location? Commercial electrical equipment relocation is a significant challenge for business owners and managers. Our skilled commercial electricians can help to mitigate the challenges of a service relocation.


Load Balancing

Correct load balancing is an easy way to save energy usage. We can locate substantial energy savings through load balancing through our power logging test. Load specialisation is also vital to avoid system crashes and unneeded power outages. We use detailed observations to decrease your energy consumption and dramatically maximize your power delivery.


Planned Preventative Electrical Maintenance, Servicing, & Compliance Testing

It's essential to have a preventative maintenance plan to avoid developing costly problems - by fixing minor issues before they turn into bigger ones, saving you time and money in the long run. We create a preventative maintenance program to organise how we achieve reliable service tailored to suit your equipment and operation.

Why us?

First Stop’s industrial electrical services are equipped with a panel of professional industrial electricians passionate about what they do.  We have acquired over twenty years of experience, enabling us to diagnose faults expertly and provide dependable and durable fixes.

However, our expertise does not come with a myopic vision. Instead, our technicians view every problem with a fresh perspective and provide individualised and tailored solutions that meet your requirements, schedule, and budget.

 Our experts specialise in evaluating the integrity of electrical control systems, manufacturing equipment, panel diagnoses, and repairing lighting systems in industrial settings, among other industries.  Our experts will thoroughly examine the problem and provide a timely solution to ensure your operations are resumed as swiftly as possible. 

So, whether you need installations, solutions, or maintenance, you can rely on First Stop’s certified industrial electrical services.

Qualified Teams

We have a panel of experienced, safe, and certified technicians to ensure safety during and after the installation and electrical processes.

Diverse Skillset

Our technicians are trained to handle all types of installations, restoration, and repair jobs. We are the go-to service for all your electrical needs.

Timely Execution

Our experts make sure the job gets completed on time. Despite sticking to a schedule, we make sure the work gets completed proficiently.

Competitive Rates

As a customer-centric service provider, we offer market-competitive rates for helping you meet all the safety and electrical needs of your home. Contact our customer care representatives to get a quote.

What Our Clients Say​

Here is what our clients say about us:

Everyone at First Stop Electrical was great to deal with, especially Emmett. They were always on time, and their work was exactly what we needed. We'd recommend them to anyone who wants quick and painless electrical solutions.
Jane Schofield
In our industry, we don't just rely on people but also on our machines. So when we were introduced to First Stop Electrical, it seemed like they'd taken on jobs like ours before, which gave us confidence. Overall, they were polite and responsive, and we're happy with the results.
Annie Josephs

Safe and Reliable Industrial Electrical Solutions

If you have any queries or concerns, please give us a call.
You can also schedule a consultation by
reaching out to our customer care agents!

Industrial Electrical Services

Safe and Reliable Industrial Electrical Solutions

If you have any queries or concerns, please give us a call.
You can also schedule a consultation by
reaching out to our customer care agents!