About Us

Our Team

We are a registered professional electrical & communications contractor and A/C heat pump installer servicing the Central Auckland region. We adhere to meticulous work standards and ethics.

Our passion for delivering high-quality installations as per specifications and on time adds value to any business. We are an accredited Rinnai Heat Pumps Installer and hold relevant refrigerant filler licenses making us your 1-stop shop.

The First Stop Electrical team ensures that projects are well-managed and accurately planned to ensure they run seamlessly and on time.

Our Story

First Stop calls on over 20 years of experience to deliver all your electrical solutions with a mission to help every customer by tailoring solutions to their electrical requirements. We do this by providing professional and reliable work at a competitive price. 

We are legitimate electrical contractors with a good moral value and a commitment to our customers.  We work to listen and understand requirements and our customers paint points, ensuring quality and precision.

Our policy is to provide each customer with the best service at a competitive price and to deliver high-quality service through each project.

We believe that communication is essential to running a successful business and ensuring that the client is always up-to-date.

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