Ducted Heat Pumps

Fujitsu Ducted Heat Pumps

Relax and enjoy total home comfort with a Fujitsu ducted heat pump system. Our system can be installed in new or existing homes and provides a discreet look and feel inside the living areas of the home.

Experience coming home to a perfectly conditioned home, every day, with a ducted heat pump solution. Incorporating the latest 3D inverter technology, and total control via a Wi-Fi smartphone app. Our ducted heat pump series will have a model to suit your application perfectly.

The fan coil unit can be concealed in-ceiling or in a subfloor area (space permitting), and the outdoor unit can be located in a convenient area up to 50m away.

Sporting up to 17.5 kW rated heat output, our ducted heat pumps can heat your whole home, or just the bedrooms via a compact 8 kW system—four models to choose from.

Available through our nationwide dealership network, just complete our ‘Enquire about a product‘ form and we’ll get one of our dealers to contact you.

Fujitsu Ducted Heat Pumps

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Specification for Fujitsu Ducted Heat Pumps

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Operation TypeReverse CycleReverse CycleReverse CycleReverse Cycle
Power SourceV/Ph/HZ240/1/50240/1/50240/1/50240/1/50
CapacityCoolingkW2.60 (0.90-3.60)3.50 (0.90-4.00)5.20 (0.90-5.90)7.10 (2.90-8.00)
HeatingkW3.50 (0.90-4.48)4.00 (0.90-4.83)6.00 (0.90-7.50)8.00 (2.20-9.10)
Input PowerCooling (Max)kW0.60 (Max 1.92)0.91 (Max 1.99)1.56 (Max 1.99)2.16 (Max 2.47)
Heating (Max)kW0.83 (Max 2.28)0.98 (Max 2.37)1.66 (Max 2.52)2.21 (Max 2.80)
Star RatingCooling3.52.522
Running CurrentCooling/Heatingamps33/2837/2838/2649/30
Moisture Removall/hr34/2737/2843/3049/33
Noise LevelIndoor Sound Pressure (High/Quiet)CoolingdBA44/4949/5055/5653/54
Outdoor Sound Pressure Cooling/HeatingdBA150/150169/167189/222258/258
Outdoor Sound PowerdBA245x570x570245x570x570245x570x570245x570x570
Air Circulation (Indoor – High Fan) Cooling/Heatingl/sec15151516
Net Dimensions HxWxDIndoor Unitmm49x700x70049x700x70049x700x70049x700x700
Outdoor Unitmm620x790x290620x790x290620x790x290830x900x330
Piping Connections (Liquid / Suction)mm06.35/09.5206.35/09.5206.35/012.7006.35/015.88
Max Pipe Length (Precharged length)m20(15)20 (15)30 (15)30 (20)
Max Height Differencem15152030
Operation RangeCooling°CDB-10 to 46-10 to 46-10 to 46-10 to 46
Heating°CDB-15 to 24-15 to 24-15 to 24-15 to 24


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