How Heat Pumps Work

How Does A Heat Pump work?

Heat pumps leverage coolants and electricity to transfer heat from one location to another. This equipment can provide you with an ideal temperature all year round. The heat pump produces heat energy by extracting heat from the outside air or groundwater and transmitting it to the refrigeration coolant. Following this, the coolant undergoes compression, which induces a drastic increase in the temperature. Next, the coolant is moved to the heat pump’s indoor unit. This unit then lets the airflow over the hot coolant, which increases the temperature to align with the thermostat’s requirement for heat inside the home.

Essentially, the equipment comprises two main parts- the wall cassette and the condenser unit. The wall cassette is placed in the building, whereas the condenser unit is placed externally. Both the units form a connection via the refrigerant line.

The indoor wall cassette is managed using the thermostat to ensure the unit provides both cooling and heating functions. If the heat pump is used for heating, the pump will turn on the fan in the outdoor unit to initiate the air extraction process from the building’s exterior. The refrigerant line brings the heat to the indoor unit, which forwards the heat to the air inside the building using the fan inside the wall cassette. If the pump is used for cooling, the process is reversed, and the heat is transferred outside the building while cool air is invited in.

Why is Maintenance needed?

Like all other heating and cooling systems, maintenance is essential for the effective functioning of heat pumps. Carrying out routine maintenance ensures that the equipment works smoothly and provides improved energy consumption.  It also ensures regular clearing drains of unwanted bacteria or dirt so the integrity of your home and surroundings are kept intact.

Research shows that a well-maintained heat pump can conserve around 10% to 25% more energy than an abandoned pump. 

Regular maintenance also serves as a proactive approach to ensure the equipment remains protected from any additional damage. With routine maintenance, you can make sure all the systems are running smoothly. This can help determine and prevent any damage to the compressor and other components, thus saving costs in the long run. 

Essentially, carrying out routine services for your heat pump improves reliability and helps you circumvent all the unexpected and expensive repairs in the long run.

Available Options

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Ducted Heat Pumps

The cassete heating/cooling unit is visually discreet, with non-intrusive grille design that sits neatly under the ceiling.

Hi-Wall or Floor Mounted Heat Pumps

A top–line Fujitsu heat pump air conditioner can be deployed as a ceiling or floor unit, and it's fully energy–efficient for any room size.

How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before picking the right heat pump, you need to examine the size and type of room required. You also need to consider your requirements for the unit. The experienced technicians at First Stop Electrical can guide you on the entire process of selecting the right heat pump. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about heat pump financing, unit selection, installation, and maintenance.

Heat pump maintenance cost varies depending on the unit and the frequency of the service performed. First Stop Electrical extends economical, market-competitive rates to ensure your unit operates smoothly throughout the year. Additionally, our technicians carry out comprehensive examinations and repairs to highlight any potential issue. We check all the components and resolve a problem before it becomes costly. Our preventative and detail-oriented approach can cut long-term costs. 

Heat pump maintenance should always be carried out by an experienced professional. The system’s complexity can pose several risks and hazards, so it is essential to hire a trained team to tackle the job.

However, you can observe your heat pump at home to keep it running smoothly. You can also keep the unit clean by dusting the vents and replacing the air filters on a regular basis.

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