Heat Pump Maintenance

Keep Your Heat Pump in Peak Condition with Professional Heat Pump Maintenance Services.

A neglected heat pump gives up when it’s needed the most- during winters. 

So, avoid the stress of searching for last-minute heat pump repair services and rely on First Stop’s technicians to ensure your heat pump runs smoothly all through the winter.

First Stop also extends a few Winter Special deals to encourage heat pump maintenance.

Why Maintenance is needed

Regular upkeep of heat pumps ensures that they continue to function efficiently and serve your heating needs for a long time.

First Stop has a team of experienced technicians who proficiently tackle the job using safe and standard practices. Our heat pump maintenance services offer: 

Energy Efficiency

Regular heat pump maintenance ensures an increase in energy efficiency by 25 percent.
With First Stop's trained technicians, you can rest assured that your heat pump is in optimal condition.

Reduced Operational Costs

With regular heat pump maintenance, you can avoid repair costs that can drain your finances in the long run.
Our team follows a methodological approach to ensure every heat pump component is up to standard.

Increased Lifespan

Like all other machinery, the elements within the heat pump can deteriorate over time.
Maintenance services enable you to proactively highlight all the components with insufficient lubrication or any other type of damage and make repairs before any long-term problems materialise.

Proactive Approach

Carrying out heat pump maintenance allows you to avoid costly repairs.
This proactive approach also takes less time than the repair process, thus saving time and money.

What's included?

First Stop provides comprehensive heat pump repair services to ensure your system is up to code. Our technicians assess the following areas:

Cleaning and Filters

Mechanical Examination

Electrical Examination

Why us?

First Stop has a strong foundation of professionalism, experience, and expertise. We pride ourselves on extending a superior quality of service to all our customers.

Qualified Teams

We have a panel of experienced, safe, and certified technicians to ensure safety during and after the installation and electrical processes.

Diverse Skillset

Our technicians are trained to handle all types of installations, restoration, and repair jobs. We are the go-to service for all your electrical needs.

Timely Execution

Our experts make sure the job gets completed on time. Despite sticking to a schedule, we make sure the work gets completed proficiently.

Economical Rates

As a customer-centric service provider, we offer market-competitive rates for helping you meet all the safety and electrical needs of your home. Contact our customer care representatives to get a quote.

How it works

First Stop has integrated convenience into all of its services. You can schedule an appointment by giving us a call or using the quote form here on our website.

Our teams inspect the heat pump unit to ensure that your home or office building is comfortably warm no matter how cold it is outside.

Moreover, they help you understand the inspection results and keep you informed of all the improvements made during the process.

If we uncover any serious issues, our experts will equip you with detailed recommendations and guide you on the next step forward.

What Our Clients Say​

Here is what our clients say about us:

First Stop has become our go-to service for all types of electrical repairs and installation. I hired them to install a skylight in my kitchen and add recessed lighting to the bedroom. I also recommended them to a neighbour, and they did a remarkable job with installing underground heating from scratch. I definitely recommend First Stop’s residential electrical services.
James Hartley
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We hired First Stop to install external lighting for our garden. They not only did an amazing job with the installation, but they stuck to a schedule and guided us every step of the way. The customer service was great, and the team was were very cooperative.
Fiona Lambert

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we get the most:

$140 + GST per year.

Routine heat pump maintenance serves as a preventive approach to optimise the functioning of your heat pump. Additionally, maintenance services play an important role in energy conservation, improve the machinery’s operations, and protect the machine’s components from additional damage. Essentially, heat pump maintenance can save you time and money in the long run.

Heat pump maintenance is a technical job that involves high voltage electricity and refrigerant chemicals.

Therefore, getting professional assistance is recommended.

Our technicians are trained and licensed to do the job, so you can count on them to be thorough with the inspection, detect potential problems, and provide relevant fixes accordingly.

However, you can perform routine maintenance yourself, such as cleaning the vent’s surroundings and replacing the air filters.

Experts recommend bi-yearly maintenance services done by a professional service provider.

However, if your heat pump is used all year round, scheduling maintenance two times a year would be ideal.

The fall and spring seasons are ideal for heat pump maintenance.

While it is essential to call a professional to service your heat pumps, you can still do the following maintenance tasks on your own:
  • Clean out or replace the air filters once or twice in two months
  • Ensure that the outdoor heat pump system is free of grass, leaves, dirt, snow, or any debris
  • Make sure the heat pump has a two-foot clearance area in its surrounding
  • Clean out the supply and return registers to ensure that the vents stay open 

Be Proactive With Your Heat Pump. Schedule Maintenance Now and Save Later!

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